About Us

It all started with my frustration searching for a joint holder while on vacation in San Francisco. I must have visited a dozen stores and could only find dinky metal cases designed for cigarettes and cheap plastic stuff from Raw. How was it that I was in the Emerald Triangle and could not find a decent joint box!?

I got with a buddy of mine back from home in Sulphur, LA, and we started kicking around ideas at his sawmill. After a few months of R & D, we nailed it. Using Louisiana wood, we crafted boxes made from Bald Cypress, Maple, Black Walnut, Sinker Cypress, Tigerwood, and African Purple Heart. Its design allows up to king-size rollables and 10mm size tips.

Master Carpenter Trevor Williams

We're 100% based in Louisiana. We had no idea what to call these things, but we really liked the movie Easy Rider. So we started Bogie Wood LLP and came up with the Bogie Box, and we hope you enjoy them.

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