Art Box Market

We see Bogie Boxes as pieces of art you can carry in your pocket. After much feedback, we are launching the Art Box program to collaborate with artists to use the Bogie Box as a medium.

Our boxes are 5in x 2in in various hues, with our white maple box being the lightest color. Our Cypress box is a beautiful yellow that could also work to paint/laser on.

How it works is you would submit a design here, with a box you want the design on, the price you would like to get for each box, how many boxes in the series, and an email tied to your PayPal for payment. Links to your portfolio or website and suggestions of what to call your box would help us decide which boxes to put up on the market.

Next, we will send over a contract to sign to keep us both honest and post up your box on the website as well as the socials. We want to be open to EVERYONE, so feel free if you're not a known name artist.